The world's first DIY restaurant!

A unique creative social experience for everyone!

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by completing our short questionnaire and we give you a 30% discount code for a Makery voucher for you and your loved friend, partner, colleague or family member. Click, it takes only a few minutes for a memorable dinner in return from our side!   

Our pop up restaurant is closed. We'll soon be back in an even better, bigger and more comfortable Makery in Vienna.

What is Makery?

The secret behind the Makery Schottenring DIY restaurant is the creative social experience. Here, everybody can joyfully create their chosen meal with their partner, family, friends or colleagues. Anybody can prepare all the dishes with the given ingredients and the help of the video app, addition with the experience of the common creation for professionals and amateurs. Triumph is guaranteed!


To offer you the perfect Makery experience, we prepared all-in packages for you with free choice of meals and various drinks.

We appreciate if you order your DIY meals at least 24 h before your arrival, so we can wait you hot to trot.

We warmly welcome you without booking and prior order, as well, but in this case you will have to select the DIY meals from a more simplified menu.

Ordinary restaurant


For companies

Organizing a meaningful and efficient team building is not an easy task. But what if it was as simple as eating out at a restaurant? Find out more about our offers!

Bachelorette Party

Summer is the season of weddings, thus so it is of bachelorette parties. If one of your friends is getting married, it is a tradition to say goodbye to her single years properly - a party like this can also bring together all of you, it can be a lifetime memory for everybody.


Celebrate your birthday at Makery or give an experience for your friends or loved ones. At Makery you can even create your cake together!

Table Booking

Anybody can visit us! Our restaurant offers a special experience for partners, friends, family, for little ones and bigger ones as well!

You only have to book a table like in any other restaurant!

Gift voucher

Giving experience is the best! We buy useful objects for ourselves, but we dont always get to adventures.

We reckon those ones who guided us to a special occasion.






Hogyan működik?

Mint minden rendes étteremben, a Makeryben is kaptok egy étlapot amiről mindenki azt választ, amit szeretne.

…ám innentől kezdve minden más lesz 🙂

Megkapjátok a kiválasztott étel elkészítéséhez szükséges hozzávalókat egy deszkán, kis tálkákban kiporciózva és előkészítve.

Persze innentől sem vagytok magatokra hagyva, mindenki kap egy tabletet, amin egy videó alkalmazás végigvezet az kívánt étel elkészítésének lépésein.

Egyénileg készítitek el az ételeteket, de közben megoszthatjátok egymással, hogyan haladtok.

Végül mindenki boldogan elfogyasztja a saját művét, mi pedig elmosogatunk !

Temporary opening hours

Thursday - Saturday: 16.00 - 22.00 - Table booking till 20.00

Sunday - Wednesday: Only for booking above 10 people

+43 676 9703105

About company events, bachelorette parties or other events you can call us from monday till friday in the below mentioned phone number

Order at

..or fill out the form!

"The key is that cooking becomes a common game here" - Forbes

Makery Operations DACH GmbH.

Invoicing adress: 1010 Vienna, Zelinkagasse 14. GL III

Identification number: FN 544678 y

Registered in: Handelsgericht Wien, Gerichtsabteilung 9 - FN 544678 y 73 Fr 13900/20 a - 4


+43 676 9703105

Operation: 1010 Vienna, Zelinkagasse 14. GL III

Hi! Our POP-UP DIY Restaurant is closed for now, but don’t panic. In the beginning of 2023 online reservations and gift vouchers will be available for you again in Vienna.

If you have a voucher that you didn’t redeem yet, you can use it our venues in the beautiful Bratislava (SK) or in Budapest (HU) as well, or redeem it when the new Makery Vienna opens! In case these options are not the most suitable for you, we refund you the price of the voucher.

Your opinion matters!
Help us improve our services by completing the questionnaire and subscribing to our community newsletter and we give you a 30% discount code for a Makery voucher for you and your loved friend, partner, colleague or family member. Click, it takes only a few minutes for a memorable dinner in return from our side! 

Promise you, we will be back sooner than you’d think to make your restaurant moments and free time activities as fun and cheerful as possible in the world’s very first DIY Restaurant!