Bachelorette Party

We offer you the perfect solution because everything is at hand here, so you can have a special social experience together. You can try the most special recipes with your friends, while the Makery staff is always there for you, when needed.

How does it work?

All the special events start with a welcome drink, then everybody chooses form the menu. It's good to know that you don't have to be a star chef to create a gourmet meal! You'll get all the ingredients pre-measuerd and prepared in small bowls. With the help of the friendly Makery staff and the video app you will make the perfect meal. The environment is cosy and we try to fulfill all your wishes.

You don't have to take the cooking too seriously, this is a common game and an unforgattable occasion. Of course during the game you can learn as well. Therefore, Makery invites the brides to a small game – after filling it, they receive a 25% discount gift voucher which can be redeemed by the newlywed couple.


The list of the chosen meals should be sent to 2 days prior.
48 Eur / Person
  •  1 meal/ person
  • 1 Welcome shot
  • 2 chosen drink
  • A 25% discount card for the bride at the restaurant

Gift for the bride!

You can even give an unforgettable experience for the very last minutes with an exciting social cooking bachelorette party. 

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