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Makery Delivery

A unique creative social experience for everyone at home!

Makery Delivery?

Makery Delivery is a new service of the Makery DIY restaurant experience. In special boxes we deliver the ingredients of the desired meals and with the help of the online video app you can playfully form the dish during a social experience!

What is Makery?

The secret behind the first Makery DIY restaurant since the opening in 2016 is the creative social experience. Here, everybody can joyfully create their chosen meal with their partner, family, friends or colleagues. Anybody can prepare all the dishes with the given ingredients and the help of the video app, addition with the experience of the common creation for professionals and amateurs. Triumph is guaranteed!

When does it come in handy?

If you would like to organize something new and exciting program at home, even if it is a family of friendly gathering, or even a team building. Since the beginning of the service with the online team buildings, companies have made events with more than 100 guests from all over Hungary. Beside of the huge events the home DIY service is also good for dates with a little bit of spice rather than just chilling in front of Netflix. Meaning, it is good for everybody who would like to have a little fun experience at home!


Family gathering

Team building


How many can we be?

As many as you want! Everybody can prepare their food simultaneously because the food is cooked in the oven. In a normal oven even 8 people's food can be made together.

Az együtt sütős-főzős társasági élmény, otthonra is!

What is in the box?

The ingredients arrive to you prepared and measured, so you only have to do the most enjoyable part of the cooking! After reading the QR code the video app will open with the recipes. Preparing the meal is like a pleasant borad game or like children playing Lego. Meaning, in the box you get a creative social experience.

What is it good for?

For example, if you organize a family or friend gathering at home where a little spiced up program would fit.

What do I need?

For the preparation you only need basic kitchen appliances and a phone.

Who can make it?

Everybody!!! Boys, girls, adults, children! The videoapp guides you through the preparation step by step.

Why does Makery Delivery interesting?

# Lifestyle

Just like Makery is the first DIY restaurant in the world, the DIY delivery is a pioneer in the field as well. Due to Covid-19 lockdowns and home office the service became more and more popular, which combines the innovative social experience with creative cooking. Young and old can also participate, there is no need of cooking knowledge. Nowadays, our opportunities for social programs are quite limited and for families sometimes only watching the TV is left. Meanwhile, Makery Delivery can be a special gem in an ordinary day, but it can also be perfect for special events, dates, family or friendly gatherings, even for birthdays.

# Gastro

Makery Delivery brings you special ingredients as well, which can only be purchased in bigger portions, and you would not buy it for the everydays. Therefore, during the preparation you can meet with special ingredients such as Bourbon vanilla, wild meat or sous vide procedure, which you get exactly like a chef at a restaurant. In addition, everything is pre-measured, prepared and portioned at the boxes, meaning during the preparation mistakes are out of the question, but everybody has a chance for their own seasoning. Cooking together is a pleasant and fun game for those, who can cook, but is an inspiring challenge for those who cannot. Later, there is a big chance that they will get into the mood of it, due to the level of success and learning with gamification.

# Corporate

For team buildings Budapest Makery was a perfect choice in the past, because during the social cooking experience the boundaries between women and men, CEOs and juniors had gone. However, because of the lockdowns, events like these are not available anymore, however, due to the virus such events are essentials. For many companies who switched from office to home working Makery Delivery created online team building events, where giant companies could organize team buildings all over the country. At these events a Makery Host helps the group to reach success.

# Business

Makery is the first DIY restaurant in the world! It has started as a Hungarian investment in 2016, which is spreading as a franchise in Europe. The franchise system provides a non-stop improvement combined with the adoption to a quickly changing market. The Makery Brand keeps resilience in the focus. Meaning, to react to the challenges immediately and effectively such as Covid-19. The result of the development centered point of view is Makery Delivery, which answers the current situation creatively. Just like we bring the Makery experience to homes at a closed hospitality field, we try to go ahead with openings of franchise restaurants in a pop-up form in the European market. Meaning if the Muhammad won't go to the mountain, then the mountain must go to Muhammad!

"The key is that cooking becomes a common game here" - Forbes

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